Calgary Meals on Wheels is a not-for-profit organization established on November 15, 1965 in response to an official request to the United Church Women by the Hospital Chaplaincy Committee of the Calgary Presbytery of the United Church, who expressed concerns that elderly people living alone were being discharged from hospitals with no support system during their convalescence.

Food is a basic need, a life necessity.  What we eat or don’t eat affects our mental, emotional and physical well-being.  There is a significant population in our city who, for various reasons, are not able to tend to their basic daily nutrition. Calgary Meals on Wheels is proud to provide programs that directly target the issues of poverty, and hunger.

What began as a small operation, delivering meals to eight clients from a church basement has grown into a thriving, innovative production facility that prepares, packages and delivers 1,850 meals each day; more than 463,000 meals a year.

Although our principal clients are seniors, we offer several different programs that are open to all Calgarians who are in need of a meal service to maintain independence in their own homes, regardless of age or circumstance.  We focus on serving all individuals in need of nutritious meals including the families, seniors, and vulnerable school children.

In over 50 years of service, Calgary Meals on Wheels has never missed a day of scheduled delivery!

Our Vision

Offer nutrition and caring support to Calgarians.

Our Mission

To build a stronger, caring community, Calgary Meals on Wheels promotes health and independence by providing quality, nutritious and affordable meals to people in need of our services.

Our Values

We value each other – employees, volunteers, colleagues, associates, donors, and funders.

We value our clients and strive to hear and understand their needs.

We value all members of our Calgary Meals on Wheels team. We listen, share ideas, respect each other and our diverse range of experiences, and are sensitive to confidential matters.

We value an environment that encourages personal growth, caring and acting with integrity and thoughtful judgment.

We value a work culture that offers recognition, appreciation, opportunity for innovation and change, and fun.

We value the opportunity to serve our community, the privilege of donor relationships and the satisfaction of ensuring solid business ethics and leadership in meeting the responsibilities for client services, volunteer support, donor investment and personnel performance.