Become a Monthly Donor

A monthly gift to Calgary Meals on Wheels allows you; the ease of automatic donations, the flexibility for your budget, and the reward of knowing you are giving all year-round.

It truly is the easiest and most effective way to make an impact in your community!

Matching Gifts

Many companies have a Corporate Matching Gift Program and will match your monetary and/or volunteer contribution with a corporate gift. Check with your employer to find out if they offer this great way to increase the value of your giving.

In Memoriam or In Honour Giving

In Memoriam or In Honour Giving provides you with the opportunity to remember special individuals with a tribute gift. Gifts may be made “In Memory of” an individual to commemorate a loved one’s life, or “In Honour of” an individual who is special in your life. Gifts may also be made in honour of special occasions, such as birthdays, graduation, and anniversaries. At your request, Calgary Meals on Wheels will send a card to the individual whom you designate to notify them of your gift. The amount will not be disclosed.

Legacy Giving

Calgary Meals on Wheels would be honored to be considered for your legacy giving plan.

Bequest: A bequest is one of the simplest ways to make a gift to a charity. A bequest may take the form of a specified cash amount, a list of securities or property, or a percentage of the estate. When preparing your will it is highly recommended you consult with your lawyer and financial advisor.

Life Insurance
: A gift of life insurance can have either an immediate or deferred tax benefit. To receive an immediate tax benefit you must transfer ownership of the policy to Calgary Meals on Wheels. You will then receive a receipt for the Cash Surrender Value of the policy and further receipts for any future payments you make on the policy. A deferred gift of life insurance simply involves naming Calgary Meals on Wheels as the beneficiary or co-beneficiary and upon payment of the policy we issue a tax receipt in the name of your estate.

Securities (stocks, bonds, units of a mutual fund trust or segregated fund trust): Donations of securities receive the greatest tax benefit. In addition to the Federal and Provincial tax deductions discussed above, donations of publicly listed securities to public charities are exempt from capital gains tax. For full details of how a gift of securities would benefit your tax situation, please speak to your financial advisor.

Donate Now Through!

For more information on our various giving programs contact our Fund Development Manager, Stephanie Ralph at 403-243-2844 or