Imagine what it would it be like to be a young child arriving at school with no lunch, probably having had no breakfast? How do you focus on learning when all you can feel is the rumbling of your tummy?

Unfortunately this is a reality in our community as more and more Calgary children are unable to bring a lunch to school. Since 2000, in partnership with the Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Meals on Wheels has been working to change this reality. Twice a week Calgary Meals on Wheels delivers a nutritious hot soup lunch to elementary schools with vulnerable students at no cost to the students or the schools. Many of the children participating in the Hot Soup Program face difficult personal life situations, poor nourishment and family stresses. The Hot Soup Program ensures children coming to school without lunch have the energy required to concentrate and learn.

As this program is 100% funded by community support, we are constantly seeking funding to support the growth of this program and to enable these children to better learn, feel stronger and reach their full potential. Thank you for your interest in helping us start the school year on a positive note by ensuring these children will not go hungry.

We currently have 15 elementary schools participating in this program for the 2017/18 school year.

If you would like to support our Hot Soup Program please Donate to the Hot Soup Program
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